15 Mar

Anxiety in children

Often anxiety is considered an adult problem, however children and young people can also experience anxiety which can impact on their well-being. 

Anxiety is our bodies response to a threat, its required to keep us safe and alert.  In most cases anxiety is perfectly normal and we all experience it from time to time. 

However sometimes it can become problematic. and interfere with our social and emotional well being. 

The below image shows how children can respond to a perceived threat or fear.

Causes of childhood anxiety

Some of the things that could cause anxiety in young people are: 

changes in their home or school environment

traumatic experiences


low self-esteem


parents separating


 and anything that the child may perceive as a threat such as fear and phobias. 

Signs of anxiety in children

Supporting a child with anxiety

creating your safe place

encourage your child to create their own safe place. when they are feeling overwhelmed prompt them to go to their safe place to help them feel calmer and to manage intense emotions. 

Check out the safe place guided imagery forest script for an example! great for adults and children to use.