County Durham Therapies

Cognitive behavioral Therapy & Counselling Services

for adults & children

Often we all find ourselves needing support

At some point in our lifetime we all experience emotional difficulties that impact on our daily lives. this can cause us problems that we struggle to overcome on our own.

This is where we could help

We provide adults, children and families with various psychotherapies to help them overcome difficulties, build resilience and to regain control over their lives.

Our clients are provided with an initial assessment to help them understand their difficulties and to offer the most suitable treatment options.

Danielle Marshall- Psychological Therapist

I am a registered therapist with the BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy).

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We provide a number of psychotherapies including CBT, Psychodynamic therapy and counselling for adults and children.

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please see the below information including the cost of treatment and our cancellation policy.

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What determines our attachment style? How does this effect our mental well-being?

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help you child to create their safe place to help them cope during times of panic or worry.

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Mindfulness exercises for sensory overload in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder & Autism

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Helpful and effective breathing exercise to reduce anxiety and panic.

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5 senses- grounding technique

A self help tool to help you feel calmer and more at ease- this can be helpful for both adults and children when feeling overwhelmed, anxious or angry.

Diaphragmatic Breathing Exercise

A simple, yet effective breathing technique to help you feel calm, regulate your breathing and reduce symptoms of anxiety and stress.

A safe place giude

using a safe place to help you feel calmer during times of anxiety and panic.

Forest guided imagery

a forest script to help you relax and feel calmer during heightened emotions or anxiousness.

10 tips for a better sleeping routine

helpful sleep hygiene strategies to improve your routine and sleeping quality.

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Here at County Durham Therapies, we adhere to the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) and the BPS (British Psychological Society) ethical guidelines when handling our client’s personal information. 

we adhere to general data protection regulations as set out in the Data Protection Act (2018).Sessions with your therapist are confidential and any therapy notes are stored safely on encrypted files with the use of pseudonyms to protect the client’s identity. 

Details about your attendance and therapy will not be shared with anyone without your consent. There are some exceptions to confidentiality however:

(1) If the therapist believes that you are at risk of harming yourself or anyone else, the therapist has a duty of care to let someone know. In most cases, this will be discussed with you first. 

(2) It is a requirement that the therapist receives regular supervision for the work that they do. Therefore, the trainee may discuss your therapy with their supervisor who is bound by the same confidentiality as above. 

(3) If you were referred to therapy by your GP, the therapist will communicate your goals of treatment with the person who made the referral, so they are clear about the outcome of the assessment and treatment.

(4) Any questions on confidentiality can be discussed further with the therapist if the client wishes to clarify any of the above statements. 

Please Sign the declaration below to state that you agree to work with your therapist/agree for your child to work with the therapist, and that you agree with the statements above: